Rescue Quest Mission Cardiac Catastrophe

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Why go to the rescue quest mission Heart catastrophe?

1. Have fun and cognitive time
2. Tasks adapted to the age of schoolchildren will help to understand the laws of nature
3. Interactive digital projection, musical accompaniment and special effects will transform learning into continuous entertainment.

In the scientific headquarters is a real misfortune. One of our special agents completely lost his head ... through love.

Where was the caustic soda and copper sulphate? And what is it for amortization, "Blind Love" serum and Cupid's crystals in our chemical bottles? Moreover, in the laboratory there is a mess, and on the screen, instead of formulas and charts, hearts and flowers.

What to do? How to turn a special agent to your senses? How to put order in the laboratory and prepare it for future research? All this is in effect only by the brave and savvy participants of the rescue quest mission!

During the test participants will have:
- to explore the chemistry of feelings
- shoot the weapons of the Amur
- to collect the broken heart of the special agent
- cook elixir of love
- create a chemical timer
- To solve encrypted love letters
... and eventually release the special agent from the charm of love!

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