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Sergey Asafatov

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ACAFATOV in Ukraine will take place thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine! In November, the popular Ukrainian author and performer ACAFATOV will visit the cities of Ukraine with solo concerts.

Why should you go to the ACAFATOV concert?

  1. Charismatic and talented artist.
  2. A new program of the best and new songs of the artist.
  3. A soulful musical event that will not leave anyone indifferent.

ACAFATOV with concerts in Ukraine

In November, the famous Ukrainian singer and musician ACAFATOV will play solo concerts in Ukrainian cities! There are many beautiful and profound works in the repertoire of a creatively inexhaustible and infinitely talented artist. Each singer's performance is an event full of sincere emotions and friendly communication. Come and relax as you have long dreamed of!
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Serhii Asafatov with a new concert program in Ukrainian cities: the most popular hits and new works

For his solo concert, ACAFATOV prepared a special program, which included the already well-known compositions "Fog", "Sea", "Thank you for the dawn" and many new works. In a live performance, you will also hear the extremely popular single "More", which for a long time remained the leader of the music charts and was created in cooperation with the famous producer Vitaly Telezyn.
Music has been present in Serhiy Asafatov's life since childhood. He can play many instruments, is the author of lyrics and music for his songs. For some time Serhiy was the frontman and guitarist of the Jazzforacat group. He started his solo career after a brilliant exit to the super final of the TV show "Voice of the Country".
During his solo concerts, ACAFATOV will present you with his honest, up-to-date work full of important meanings.
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You can order tickets for the ACAFATOV concert online at Concert.ua.

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