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Why go to a fan meeting with the stars of the School series?

1. This is a unique opportunity to meet with your favorite actors in your city.
2. Last all-Ukrainian tour.
3. You will be part of a fan-meeting tour, and it will definitely go down in the history of the series.

Stars of the series "School" will go to the last All-Ukrainian tour.

Popular actors, favorites of Ukrainians, who played the main roles in the TV series “School” on “1 + 1”, will go on their last all-Ukrainian tour, during which a number of fan meetings with fans will take place in different cities of Ukraine. The first to meet with their favorites will be viewers of Western Ukraine.

So, viewers will be able to meet with Anna Trincher (Nata), Alexander Petrenko (Pasha), Maria Kondratenko (Sonya) and others, watch and take part in a unique interactive performance, in which they will choose the winner in competition 11-A and 10-B and their class leaders.

Recall, the premiere of the continuation of the second season will be held March 4 at 20:45 on the TV channel "1 + 1". “School” is the first Ukrainian-language series that talks about the realities of schoolchildren’s life and their relationship with teachers and parents. The tape “School” became the highest-rated TV series on the Ukrainian TV in the fall 2017 season - winter 2018 by audience 18-54 (Ukraine).

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