Mad Blood

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Why should you go to the play Mad Blood?

1. Evaluate the production, collecting the most controversial reviews of critics and viewers
2. To look deeper into the problem of tolerance and tolerance in society
3. Feel the change of emotions throughout the performance

National Academic Theater of Russian Drama. Lesia Ukrainka invites you to a dramatic production of "Mad Blood". The performance is aimed at the public not younger than 14 years.

The play Alla Rybikova was created based on the French-Belgian film "The Last Lesson" and is staged as part of the project "New German Drama".

The writing of the play made it possible to bring a very important topic to the theatrical scene. The demonstration of intolerance of modern youth has exposed a problem that can be correlated not only with Germany, but with any modern society. The main idea of the play is the importance of educating interethnic tolerance even in childhood. After all, the character and consciousness of an adult formed person is practically not amenable to correction.

Shocking reality is demonstrated in the performance against the backdrop of events taking place at the school in Berlin. In the migrant class, the teacher represents Schiller's work. The development of events is dynamic, sometimes shocking. But - wait for the finals!

The premiere of the play in its time caused controversial comments by critics and spectators. And this means that the production really deserves attention and certainly does not leave anyone indifferent.

The director is Alla Rybikova.

The roles are played by Natalia Shevchenko, Yulia Smushkova, Elizaveta Bakulina, Anastasia Deryugina, Alexander Kryuchkov, Daniil Mireshkin, Gleb Mazybora, Vladimir Nevelsky, Felix Abroskin, Roman Magritsky.

Performance without intermission.

Duration - 1 hour 40 minutes.

See you!


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