No. 13. Mad Night, or Pigden's Marriage

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Why should you go to the play No. 13. Mad Night, or Pigden's Marriage?

1. The audience of the whole world agree that this play is very, very funny
2. A lot of unexpected situations and ironic moments
3. Two hours of adventure with the best actors of the theater

The play "No. 13 (Mad Night, or Pigden's Marriage)" has already been called the most international funny performance. Although the authorship of the play belongs to a resident of strict England - Ray Kuni - the comedy is very warm, funny and full of the ability to laugh at oneself.

Undoubtedly, in favor of the performance says that "No. 13" was recognized as the best English comedy of 1991, won the L. Olivier prize and since those times does not leave the stage in the whole world.

A small and seemingly innocent at first glance, the affair of the assistant prime minister with the secretary of the chief should not cause anyone inconvenience. But it was not there! A grandiose scandal is coming, as a result of which it is not just "flying heads", but perhaps real killing. Who is to unravel this tangle of passions?

Unexpectedly, this role is imposed on George Pigden - a modest and inconspicuous secretary of the failed "Romeo", who in life did not take part in such intrigues. The upcoming long night was for him (and of course, for the audience!) The night of the most unusual adventures. First, he seduces the old maid, then becomes the husband of another's wife, escapes from the furious cuckold husband, hides the corpse of the detective-loser and ... But we will not rush forward, you will undoubtedly find it more interesting to see everything yourself!

In the play "No. 13", directed by Irina Barkovskaya, the best actors of the theater will play: O. Zamyatin, K. Kashlikov, O. Kogut, N. Kudrya, I. Novak, L. Tishchenko, Y. Dyak, S. Moskvin, V. Rashchuk, N. Shevchenko, A. Valyuk, A. Ponomarenko and others.

The length of the performance "No. 13 (Mad night, or Pigden's Marriage)" - 2 hours 30 minutes. A comedy in two acts.

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No. 13. Mad Night, or Pigden's Marriage

21 December 2018 19:00


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