Concert program "Champagne eyes". Symphony Orchestra performs songs Kuzma Scriabin

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The new concert program "CHAMPAGNE EYES". Super popular hits by Andrei Kuzmenko found new sounding in the concert program "Champagne Eyes". The symphony orchestra under the direction of Nikolai Lysenko masterfully performs famous songs from the repertoire of Kuzma Scriabin.

Exquisite orchestration from the famous musical producer Vasyl Tkach and talented arranger Maxim Abakumov, as well as the virtuoso play of a powerful team of star musicians will give you a real aesthetic gala.

Later we hear a lot of well known hits by Kuzma Scriabin play on the air of fm stations. This time they will be heard for the first time solely by the voices of the musical instruments of the orchestra. After all, real feelings, sometimes, difficult to convey in words.

This new reading of Kuzma Scriabin's songs should emphasize, in particular, the composer's value and perfection of his works, his musical energy.

For those who like the style of music of lyrical films from the 70s-80s with Pierre Richard and Louis de Funes, as well as the sound of Symphony Orchestras of James Last and Paul Moria, it will be an occasion for a bit of a nostalgia and ... it's nice to be surprised. But, as always, we are left with ease, and that cosmic sound, which is so attractive in the songs of Andrew.

Positive emotions like sparkling champagne, and memories of the sea, will definitely create a wonderful atmosphere during the concert! Andriy Kuzmenko continues to give a joy to his numerous audience, and his music lives and "spills champagne into the sea" ...

Concert program "CHAMPAGNE EYES" - music that can be listened without words ...

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