Masterpieces of modern choreography

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Why go to Masterpieces of Modern Choreography?

1. For the first time in Ukraine.
2. The real world level of ballet.
3. 100% aesthetic pleasure.

Jiri Kilian is a choreographer who changed the modern dance and created his own unique system. His works have long been considered masterpieces of modern choreography. Famous theaters compete for the right to include Kilian's plays in their repertoire, and every dancer dreams of performing his choreography at least once. At last, the ballets of Jurij Kilian will also be seen in Ukraine.

For the first time! On February 13th and 14th at the same time, three of the most famous black-and-white ballets of the modern genius of Jiri Kilian. It is the one-act ballets Sechs Tänze (Six Dances), Petite Mort, Little Falling Angels, and Cillian's world recognition.

Kilian's ballets are a whirlwind of emotions: laughter from incomparable choreographic humor and ants on the skin from sensuality and amazing plastics. The star of the Petite Ceremonie ballet, a young and well-known choreographer, Medi Valieri, will complement.

The perfect technique of the troupe of the Tbil State Opera and Ballet Theater under the guidance of the legendary Nina Ananiashvili and incredible choreography will make your festive evening memorable.

Masterpieces of modern choreography are four modern ballets, stylish monochrome aesthetics, a true world-class ballet, many Mozart's music, a lot of witty choreographic jokes, wigs, rapiers, crazy skirts, green apples, a lot of powder and 100% aesthetic pleasure.

Evening program:

Six dances | Sechs Tänze
Choreographer: Jirga Kilian
Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Petite Mort | Little death
Choreographer: Jirga Kilian
Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Falling Angels | Sins angels
Choreographer: Jirga Kilian
Music: Stephen Reich

Petite ceremonie | Little ceremony
Choreographer: Medie Valier
Music: compilation of Mozart, Belin, Rogers, Hart and Vivaldi

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