Nutcracker. War and Peace

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We invite everyone to an amazing Christmas production of the Yessin Theater "Nutcracker: War and Peace". The musical will be presented on December 23 and 24 in the Congress Hall of the President Hotel.

A fascinating fairy-tale production would surprise Hoffmann himself: the script and director Alexei Yesin created such a vivid and lively story. All viewers are waiting for an unexpected original continuation of the most famous Christmas story. The performance will be interesting for both children and adults. After all, each of us in the soul is an incorrigible mischievous child who loves fairy tales so much!

From the classical work of Hoffmann, the musical took only the names and characters of the characters. Of course, the nutty Krakatuk remained covered with magic. At the heart of it is the same confrontation between the Nutcracker and the Mouse King. "The Nutcracker: War and Peace" is an original story in which there is living humor and deep philosophical meaning.

The entire production consists of 14 amazing rooms with original music and choreography. Even each hero wrote their own musical part. To this end, several composers and authors of texts joined forces.

The Christmas musical tells of a fight between Good and Evil, when Good remains face to face with their own fears. And will a miracle happen? What do you think? It's the most magical, fascinating and great Christmas Eve!

The performance is recommended to viewers from 4 years. Waiting for you!

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