New Year's Puppy Patrol

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Why it is worth going to the "New Year's Puppy Patrol" show?

1. See your favorite characters.
2. Fun interactive with the hall.
3. It will be a joint adventure with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

Winter holidays - a period for family holidays. Go with the children to the "New Year's Puppy Patrol" performance in the Ukrainian theater!

Today is a holiday in the Bay of Adventures. All residents are preparing for the funniest celebration - the New Year. But pleasant chores interrupts an unexpected call from Santa Claus, who reports that herringbone has disappeared! And after all, it should be the main decoration of the holiday, and besides this, the Fir-tree with the Snow Maiden prepared many surprises for the children. And now it is not!

Santa Claus asks the Puppy Patrol team to find the missing Herringbone. Of course, they immediately go looking around the world. In London, they will be met by seconds. And in Antarctica, they will meet funny snowmen who love to fish and play. In China, the team will help the wise old Chinese Dragon. He will tell you that he knows the Christmas tree! She brought a rescue team here that did a lot of good deeds.

What will happen next - learn to submission. But the main thing is that everything will end well. How could it be otherwise, when the beloved New Year is everyone's yard! Waiting for you!

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