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Puppies save the New Year

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All of us, even adults, are waiting for the New Year - the time when the fabulous mood enters our house and gives the most unforgettable adventures! What can we say about the smallest? After all, they truly believe in New Year's miracles and a New Year's fairy tale!

And to give such a fairy tale to your child is easy! And if the main characters are your favorite characters - Puppy Patrol - the joy of the kids will not be the limit!

It's not a secret that brave puppy rescuers from the Puppy Patrol are always ready to help anyone and they are not among the rescued by them! But, like other kids, puppies are waiting for the New Year and are preparing to celebrate it: decorate their homes in the Bay of Adventures. Probably, for how many days before the holiday nobody has to be saved - you can have fun without thinking about work.

But it was not there - it was not someone who was calling for help, but the New Year itself! What happened to him? Why can not he step on time? And how cheerful puppies will save the holiday? All this you will learn by visiting the play for children "Puppy Patrol saves the New Year".

A bright, noisy, colorful and very cheerful performance is exactly what the kids need! Give children an unforgettable New Year holiday! Fairy tale is very close!

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