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Why should you go to the play "East-West"?

1. This is an actual production of our life.
2. Unusual view of adolescents on contemporary problems in society.
3. Talented directorial incarnation.

Adults are accustomed to perceive everything through acquired patterns, therefore sometimes it is so important to hear the unbiased and unclouded stereotypes of the opinions of children and teenagers.

“East-West” is a performance based on five plays written in the framework of the project “Class Act: East-West”. These works were written by teenagers from different parts of Ukraine. They all write about the world that surrounds them. Three of the five works are based on personal experience. These are plays about fears, expectations and childhood dreams. About tough adult reality, but through the prism of immediacy and sincerity.

How is the girl from the small town of Klesov, in which illegal mining of amber is the only way to make money? And can a young man from the Donbass who has fallen into peaceful Kharkov be able to find salvation from the shadows of the past and the fears of war? Anyway, how to learn to speak yourself and, more importantly, to hear others? After all, this is how you can become a Human with a capital letter.

The creators of the play seriously treated the world of teenagers. The staging turned out to be real: there is a place for laughter and for tears.

Directed by Vlada Belozorenko.

We are waiting for you at this touching and deep performance!