School of laughter: do not be shy

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1/4 finals of Odessa's fastest humorous league!

The teams are still less, the trainers are more nervous, the audience laugh more loudly!

Teams play two contests:
1. History on a given topic.
2. Competition-improvisation

With them on the scene their coaches:
- Pavlo Koshka - the Leader Just radio, showman and host of the most noisy parties of the city!
- Yulia Nikandrova - TV presenter, journalist, conductor of the project "Kawabanga" on radio Radio MORE.FM
- Vlad Bulat - Champion of Odessa from KVN. Showman. Leading show on SHARK Radio
- Sergei Ivanov - Champion of Odessa with KVN
- Stas Tsaran - Semifinalist of the League of Laughs on 1 + 1 as part of the team "Odessky Mansi"
- Kseniya Loginova - semi-finalist of the League of Laugh at 1 + 1 in the team of "De Richelieu"

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