Scientific quest mission Specialty school

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Why go to the science quest mission Specialist School?

1. Have fun and cognitive time
2. Tasks adapted to the age of schoolchildren will help to understand the laws of nature
3. Interactive digital projection, musical accompaniment and special effects will transform learning into continuous entertainment.

Would you like to receive the honorary title of the special Teleport360 agent?

There is a certain condition! To our roles we accept only clever and resourceful, so we will have to try hard to go through all levels of preparation. You will meet speeches and walls that can change images in seconds.

During the quest, future special agents:
- learn to read secret messages
- will be able to isolate DNA from the banana
- read books between lines
- solve the code in a flowering picture
- Make a magic potion to improve memory
- will be able to master the art of managing the fire
... and eventually find the password to enter the school.

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