Marriages are made in heaven

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Why should you go to the play Marriages are made in heaven?

1. A mono performance with a magnificent Lydia Yaremchuk
2. A different view of the history of Natasha Rostovа
3. Music, complementary monologue

National Academic Theater of Russian Drama. Lesia Ukrainka invites to the solo performance "Marriages are made in heaven". The composition was created by the People's Artist of Ukraine, laureate of the National Prize named after. T. Shevchenko and the prize "Kyiv Pectoral" Lidia Yaremchuk.

"Marriages are made in heaven" is an author's rethinking of the life story of Lev Tolstoy's novel "War and Peace". Unaccustomed format of stage reading allows an amazing actress to reveal new, elusive features in the character of her character, to shade it with a deeper range of feelings and emotions. Natasha Rostov in the performance of Lydia Yaremchuk appears as a meek and indecisive dreamer, then - mired in the routine, tired of the routine woman. But in what you will not refuse the image of Natasha - so it is in her unsolved mystery. The young lady so easily and easily circled the heads of the cavaliers, playfully captivated the hearts of men who knew her.

So what role does she have to face - a charming young beauty or a step-laden mistress? Can the heroine itself understand this and do she need an understanding of the truth? In the monologue of Lydia Yaremchuk, subtle, unobtrusive answers will be heard. Read between the lines. Come and enjoy the brilliant play of the actress, the intimacy of the stage action and beautiful atmospheric music.

The author of the composition is Lydia Yaremchuk.
The director is Leonid Ostropolsky.

Performance without intermission.
Duration - 1 hour 10 minutes.


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