What happened at the zoo

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The play by American playwright Edward Olby, "What Happened at the Zoo" was the first in his creative biography and was written in just one night. This is a kind of cry, a cry of a lonely person who is looking for the meaning of his existence.

Heroes of the play, Peter and Jerry, accidentally get to know the nearby zoo, and this becomes a fatal event in their lives. Despite belonging to different social strata, different lifestyles, world outlook and even territorial remoteness, both of them are equally defenseless before the challenge of time and society. How can they cope with their problems, and what, in fact, happened at the zoo ... the viewer finds out, having fallen on our performance.

Directed by Olga Gavrilyuk
In roles - Vyacheslav Nikolenko, Yuri Yakovlev, Evgeniy Ovcharov.

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What happened in the zoo

23 March 2019 12:00


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What happened in the zoo

13 April 2019 19:30


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