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Why is it worth going to a Shokran concert?

1. Shokran - original and uncommon project of modern metal scene.
2. At the concert, everyone will be able to feel the full force of the metalcore union and the blood-drenched Egyptian mythology.
3. Come to be part of the multifaceted musical themes of Shokran.

They return on chariots, ruled by the gods of Egypt! Your favorite metal project Shokran carries a steep concert program to Ukraine. Do not anger Osiris, come!

For the most notorious fans of this and uncompromising progressive metal, the group's main hits and new tracks will sound. This is a new story of Shokran. And you will create it together with cool musicians. The dimness and dampness of the tombs, the ancient curses are no longer able to contain the powerful flow of Shokran energy. Dmitry Demyanenko and his team will turn not only the mythological, but the real world. It will be loud and majestic!

Today, the Shokran group is rapidly gaining popularity. More and more fans of the project appear outside the CIS, which indicates the right choice of the musical path. In the arsenal of the team - two full-length albums, each release was incredibly successful. The second album Exodus the musicians presented to the public on a large-scale tour, assembling full halls in the largest cities of the CIS.

Now you are waiting for an unforgettable evening filled with magical vocals, powerful guitar sound and the mysterious atmosphere of Ancient Egypt. See you!

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