Chopiniana. Carmen Suite

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Why go to the Chopiniana and Carmen Suite show in Odessa?

1. The intricate choreography of the productions is wonderfully combined with the sophistication of the dancers' movements.
2. The viewer will see real masterpieces from the world theater piggy bank.
3. A rich musical palette will give endless aesthetic enjoyment.

Choreographic productions of Chopiniana and Carmen Suite in Odessa.

Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater invites to the performances of Chopiniana and Carmen Suite. A beautiful example of neo-romance in ballet and a sophisticated choreographic masterpiece are two pearls of ballet art on one stage.

The special atmosphere of the theater and the professionalism of the creative team will allow you to enjoy the colorful works in full. Be sure to come!

Intricate choreography and deep dramaturgy. The Odessa Opera puts on performances of Chopiniana and Carmen Suite.

Chopiniana is a choreographic suite for music by Frederic Chopin in a restored version of Nadiya Fedorov. The production is one of the most striking examples of ballet neo-romance at the beginning of the last century. The work captures the musical beauty and is captivated by fine dance grace.

Chopiniana vividly reveals the primordial conflict between dream and reality. The ghostliness of the ideal and the unrealizability of dreams are entwined in a romantic impulse.

Choreography - Michael Fokin.
Production Designer - Honored Artist of Ukraine Natalia Bevzenko-Zinkina.
Leading the play is Natalia Grigor.

Carmen Suite is a ballet created by composer Rodion Shchedrin based on the famous opera by Georges Bizet. A striking work full of love and freedom, breathed passionate Carmen. Lively gypsies are opposed by faceless puppet masks.

The elegant ballet performance impresses with the complex choreography and grace of the dancers.

Libretto and Choreography - Alberto Alonso.
Leading the play is Natalia Grigor.

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