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Why is it worth going to Soap Bubble Magic?

1. Give your child an exciting adventure in the world of Bubbles.
2. Himself to return to childhood.
3. Find out how durable the bubble helmet is.

Kiev Millennium Theater presents Soap Bubble Magic.

Tired of coming up with fun for the kids? Soap bubbles are an absolutely win-win option. Your kids will “stick” for a long time! And you will not stay away from the fun activities that the Soap Bubble Show offers.

So, the program for kids includes many exciting tricks with soap bubbles: “smoky” bubbles, “fiery” bubbles, small bubbles inside a huge, real soap cake (just do not let the children eat it - it’s beautiful, but inedible!), Planetary Puzirlyandski parade and even fireworks from thousands of bubbles!

The guests will be entertained by a large and a little awkward, but very cute and kind Mr. Kuks Muks, a resident of the amazing Bubbleland.

Each volunteer will receive a special bubble helmet and sleeve, and the most daring will get inside a giant bubble, the length of which is as much as 5 meters.

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