Soap bubbles show

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Why should you go to the soap bubbles show?

1. Give your child an exciting adventure in the world of Puzyrlandia.
2. Itself to return to childhood.
3. Find out how strong the helmet is from bubbles.

Tired of inventing entertainment for children? Soap bubbles are absolutely a win-win option. Your little ones will be "stuck" for a long time! And you will not be left out of the fun entertainment offered by the Show of soap bubbles.

So, the program for kids includes a lot of exciting tricks with soap bubbles: "smoky" bubbles, "fiery" bubbles, small bubbles inside a huge, real soap cake (just do not let the children eat it - it's beautiful, but inedible!), Planetary a parade on Puzyrlyandski and even fireworks from thousands of bubbles!

Guests will be entertained by a large and slightly clumsy, but very nice and kind Mr. Cooks Muxes, a resident of the amazing Puzyrlandia.

Each volunteer will receive a special bubble helmet and sleeve, and the boldest will fall into a giant bubble, the length of which is as much as 5 meters.

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