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Show program "Magic of soap bubbles"

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Why should you see the "Magic of Soap Bubbles" show program in Kyiv?

  1. An exciting program that will pleasantly impress children and adults.
  2. Direct participation of the audience in the creation of the plot.
  3. Unforgettable impressions and a sea of positivity for everyone.

Children's show program "Magic of soap bubbles" in Kyiv

A grandiose show program for small audiences was prepared by the creative team of the Kyiv Millennium Theater and the Parovoz-UA production center. The artist of the original genre - the unique Lady Dvizh (Lady Dvizh) - will be responsible for the good mood of the guests!

A show you've never seen before on the stage of the Maly Opera

Spectators are waiting for many interesting numbers, tricks, as well as exciting interactive. Every child will be able to take part in interesting and fun games. In the program:
  • mind-blowing bubble tricks;
  • blisters filled with smoke;
  • a huge blister with small bubbles inside;
  • fire bubbles;
  • a wonderful soap cake;
  • Buchyrland parade of planets;
  • incredible fireworks from small bubbles;
  • creating a bubble helmet and sleeve for each participant;
  • an unforgettable meeting with the cheerful residents of Puhyrlandia.
The program lasts 60 minutes and is designed for participants aged 5 and over. See you in the bubble meeting!

Where to buy tickets for the "Magic of Soap Bubbles" show program in Kyiv?

Hurry up and order tickets now - online at Concert.ua.