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Operetta in 2 actions

“Jokes of Offenbach” is a performance consisting of two one-act operettas of the brilliant French composer: “The husband behind the door” and “The party party with the Italians”. In the list of more than a hundred operettas written by Offenbach, these names are the most famous. In addition, the music of the French author - cheerful, hedonistic, light, but virtuoso and extremely difficult to perform - is a kind of test for vocalists for professionalism.

“The husband behind the door” is a paraphrase on the eternal topic of adultery. With the only difference that in this performance no one has changed anyone, does not change and is not going to. The man in the boudoir of the newlywed Suzon was completely accidental. Suzon and her friend Rosita are trying to get rid of an unwanted guest, because her husband is about to knock on the bedroom. But at the same time, Suzon is trying to use this situation in order to arouse jealousy in a too correct and boring spouse. Traditional slapstick, built on unimaginable confusion. “The husband behind the door” is a clever and elegant parody of classical melodrama with its pathos, passions and “wringing” of hands.

“A party in the evening with the Italians” is a completely different story. Shufleri wants to become a patron of the arts and invites dignitaries to his home for a dinner party, where visiting Italian musicians should sing. However, the musicians do not come, Shufleri - in despair. His daughter and her lover help him out. They dress as Italians and save the evening. The culmination of the performance is the performance of “artists from Milan”. They are trying so hard to look believable, so funny they distort words, that viewers at the same time enjoy delightful music and singing - and die of laughter.

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