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"Long live love!", "Princess Chardasha", "Queen of the Cirdash" - such are the variants of the names of the popular operetta of Imre Kalman "Silva".

For 100 years now, spectators have been watching with excitement the fate of the star of the Silva Varescu variety show and Prince Edwin Volyapyuk, and following the charming Count Boni Kanchian, they repeat: "It's impossible to live without women, no!"

"Silva" - one of the operettas, which you can watch and listen endlessly.

The world-famous classics of the genre are again on the stage of the Odessa Academic Theater of the Musical Comedy named after Mikhail Vodian. Great music, witty dialogues, popular arias of your favorite heroes and a happy ending! ..

Operetta is a fairy tale for adults!

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