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Chernihiv Regional Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater named after Taras Shevchenko

Comedy for 2 acts by Moliere.
The performance and musical design are Andriy Bakirov.

The performances unfold in Naples, the seaport, dispersed not only by all the winds, but also by feelings and adventures. Here two lovers are at the risk of anger of their despotic nuns, so they turn to Scapin, a servant of one of them, endowed with unrestrained energy, with a request for help. "To tell you the truth, if I start the case, it is almost impossible for me to be impossible," - intelligent servant confesses. And although the very name Scape comes from the Italian scappare - to escape, evaporate, however, the steeple often gets a stick for his tricks and almost never - gratitude from those who turned to him for help.

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Scapen (Festival of Slovensky Theater)

24 October 2018 18:00

Chernihiv theater of Shevchenko, Chernigiv

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