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Why should you go to the play "Scapin"?

1. Classics - actual outside of time.
2. Guaranteed to extend your life.
3. Understand that everything happens for the better, regardless of the circumstances.

The Chernigov Music and Drama Theater presents its interpretation of the famous comedy by Jean-Baptiste Moliere.

In the production of Andrei Bakirov, the play of the classic will play with modern colors. Imagine only: Moliere wrote "Scapin's Traditions" almost 350 years ago, and the work remains ridiculous and relevant today. And all because the classic refers to the eternal themes and the unchanging nature of man. Naples is a seaport in Italy. It is open not only to all winds and ships, but also to adventures, feelings, intrigues. So it happened that there are two lovers living here, whose choice will surely not be approved by despotic parents. In order to escape the wrath of the fathers, they turn to the servant of one of them, Skapen. Full of unrestrained energy, the rogue is ready to help.

The name "Scapin" is derived from scappare (avoid, evaporate in italian). But here something to the clever servant often it is not possible to avoid blows of a stick because of tricks and cunnings. But he receives gratitude very rarely. How will it be this time? Be sure to come to this flamboyant comedy to find out! Waiting for you!

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