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Glass menagerie

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"Glass Zoo" based on the play by the famous American playwright Tennessee Williams - the most subtle work about the fragility of family relationships. At many points, the play by T. Williams is autobiographical in nature and is devoted to the problems of the relationship of different generations in the family, which remain relevant today. The action revolves around a fragile girl Laura, whose brother, at the request of his mother, invites a gentleman to his sister's house. In the notes to the production, Williams wrote: "As a memoir, The Glass Menagerie can be presented with extraordinary freedom of embodiment. As the narrative material is very thin and delicate, atmospheric touches and skillfully set direction are of special importance. The playwright called on the directors to "abandon traditional methods", because it is the constant search for something new that supports life in theatrical art. The project, embodied on the stage of the Kharkiv Theater for Children and Youth, embodied the search set by the author. The play is also interesting because it was made in partnership with the Kharkiv State Academy of Culture. According to a good tradition, students of the Faculty of Performing Arts make their first professional steps on the stage of the KhTDYU.

Why you need to visit

  • Professional staging of a classic work of American drama
  • Young actors of the new formation
  • The relationship between parents and children
  • The chamber atmosphere of the Small Stage named after A. Belyatsky

Genre - melodrama

The play is in Ukrainian

age 16+

The duration of the performance is 2 hours with an intermission

Small wall them. Alexander Belyatsky

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