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Why go to the play "Barnyard"?

1. A unique performance based on the cult novel by J. Orwell, which has staged and shows only the Maskam Rad Theater
2. In Lithuania, the performance is recommended for staging in school theaters - as "vaccination" of young people from bad habits
3. Performance - ecological: all decorations and props are made of recycled materials

Be warned: a very provocative hard farce with acute political and social overtones! However, the serious - easy and fun! And each viewer will be able to see himself in the characters. Who are you? Who am I?!

The play "The Farm of Animals" ("Animal Farm") was created based on the story of an outstanding British writer and publicist, master of the dystopia of George Orwell. This story is a cult (along with the anti-utopian novel "1984") for several generations of readers around the world. The story was published in 1945. It was from her that the world fame of the writer began, who became known as the new Swift.

In the story, grotesquely and comically broad, skillful strokes depict the evolution of the consciousness of animals living in the barnyard, as well as the gradual transformation of revolutionary romance and unlimited freedom into dictatorship. The winged expression from the story is the expression: "All animals are equal. But some are more equal."

The performance is based on the first translation of Orwell’s story into another language. It was a translation made in 1947 by a Ukrainian political émigré Ivan Chernyatinsky for "displaced" people.

The performance is a sharp satire not only on the Soviet, but also on modern reality. It contains elements of farce, grotesque, comedy and drama. For example, the figure of Napoleon the pig - the leader of all nations - combines the features of many dictators of the XX century.

Recommended for family viewing with children from 11 years. For children - as "vaccination": in Lithuania, the performance is recommended for staging in school theaters - just to "vaccinate" young people from bad habits.

We are waiting for you in the theater and exhibition hall of the Kiev fortress, entrance from Blvd. Lesi Ukrainian between houses number 12 and 14.

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