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Scrooge, or Christmas song in prose

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"The Christmas Song in Prose" is a work of Charles Dickens, in which the true spirit of Christmas lives. Perhaps, this is one of the most popular novels in the world literature, which is confirmed by numerous screen versions and references in cartoons and cinematography.

History is familiar to many people. Ebeneizer Scrooge is a mean and stale man. He does not love anybody and nothing. But no, he has one passion - money. But people, good feelings and just smiles cause Scrooge fierce hatred. What can we say about the holidays, when even the poorest forget about their sorrows and rejoice.

The miser's family has long resigned to his character, although Scrooge's nephew is still calling his uncle to his house for Christmas. A lone grumbler protects every penny without spending a penny on useless charity, saving on the help of relatives and the salaries of his subordinates.

It seems that the hero is doomed to drag out his gloomy, meaningless existence until his death. But on the night of Christmas Eve something mysterious happens: the man is the spirit who predicts the retribution that awaits him after death. But this is only the beginning. Scrooge will have to look at his past, present and future ...

Come to the Central House of Officers of the APU to enjoy this profound story in the interpretation of the Theater on Limes (staged by Konstantin Dubinin).

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