Glory to the heroes

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In this difficult time for our country, a particularly important mission is reconciliation - and not only the irreconcilable attitudes of modern citizens, but, above all, the healing of ancient wounds that underlie any conflict.

That is why two successful teams - the metropolitan theater "Golden Gate" and Ivano-Frankivsk Academic Regional Music and Drama Theater named after them. I. Franco - decided to unite their efforts to work on the play by the play of the popular young Ukrainian playwright, who lives between Lviv and Berlin, Pavel Arie. The plot of the drama "Glory to the Heroes" is based on the modern history of two veterans - the UPA and the Great Patriotic War - whose destiny is reduced to one hospital ward ...

Author: Paul Arie
Director: Stas Zhirkov
Actors: Vitalina Bybliv, Zl. art Ukraine Ksenia Basha-Dovzhenko and Zl. art Ukraine Dmitry Rybalevsky (actors of the National Academic Drama Theater named after I. Franko), zl. art Ukraine Oleksii Hnatkovskii (actor of the Ivan Franko Academic Oblast Theater named after I. Franko), Dmytro Oliynyk, Irina Tkachenko
Artist: Vladimir Stetskovich

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