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A brand new program.

Slava Komisarenko is a stand-up comedian from Belarus, a resident of the Stand Up TV project and mentor of the Open Microphone talent show on TNT.
Glory was engaged in comedy at the age of 18, but after 3 years, jokes began to bring not only applause, but also money. During his career, he has participated in major television projects: Laughter Without Rules, Killer League, Comedy Battle, and the Bunker News satirical news program.
A distinctive feature of Glory is its wide humorous arsenal. His jokes and life stories are well understood and close to everyone - relationships with the girl, life in the metropolis, touring and social networking. To be a comedian - for him it means to communicate with the viewer in a language of humor: tenacious, charming and mostly true and sincere. Glory's ability to look at a simple situation at a non-standard angle makes his performances truly funny and vivid. Slava Komisarenko's concerts are a bright holiday of humor and good mood!

Special guests of the show are Andrey Kolmachevsky and K. Zyryanov
Concert duration 1 hour 30 min


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Slava Komissarenko

10 August 2020 19:00

Kyiv, HC KPI

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from 13 EUR

Slava Komissarenko

12 August 2020 19:00

Dnipro, Palace of Culture of Mechanical Engineers

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Slava Komissarenko

13 August 2020 19:00


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from 11 EUR