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Why go to the show "Blindness"?

1. New life and creative experience
2. A unique for Ukraine event format
3. Ability to reflect on the nature of humanity and the fact that distinguishes people from other species

The "Misanthrope" theater and Port creative hub represent the joint project "Blindness", created according to the principles of a new genre for Ukraine - site-specific.

In the multifunctional space on Podil, becoming part of the unusual and unexpected performance posed by the Novel of the Nobel laureate of literature - José Saramago, the Kievans will be able to feel that this is the maximum concentration of perception.

Being together with the artists in the absolute obscure darkness, viewers will have the opportunity to experience a common experience with them, bringing the action of history beyond the boundaries of the stage space directly into their imagination.

Pay attention! The play uses profanity. Also, the setting is not recommended for persons with unstable nervous system and those who suffer from nicofobia.

Please note: during the performance you will not be able to use a mobile phone - it stays outside the room. We do not hide - it will be rigid and uncomfortable. So no one will be able to drown.

In the case of physical ailment caused by non-standard display conditions (remember - the show will be in absolute darkness), our assistants will assist you and, if necessary, will lead to "light".

But for those who are left, he will light up with a new force!

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