Elephant and Striped Flight

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Why should I go to the circus show "Elephant and Striped Flight"?

1. The largest of the animals on the planet.
2. Unsurpassed strongman-record holder.
3. Hand-held Bengal tigers.

The parade of the strongest people and the biggest beasts of the world is waiting for you on the show from the National Circus of Ukraine! Come see the new circus program "Elephant and Striped Flight" as early as January!

An extremely intense and emotional show will not allow you to sigh to the very end, keeping you in suspense from dizzying numbers. For you, your unreal skill in the arena will be demonstrated by aerial acrobats that easily fly through the air, trainers of Bengal tigers with their striped "kittens", and also - the greatest strongman of the planet, who was brought to the Guinness Book of World Records as many as 29 times. But is it possible to watch indifferently the funny performance of trained dogs? And the "highlight" of the show is a noble Indian elephant, who certainly will impress with his mind.

Do not miss! Positive emotions are guaranteed!

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