Baby elephant

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Why is it worth going to the play "Elephant"?

1. To hit the game of dolls - sometimes it seems as if they are real!
2. To see the original story about the curious Elephant.
3. Arrange children a real theater holiday.

Dear spectators, do you know which is Africa? Colorful and sunny? And maybe black and white? Do African dancers dance in the jungle? For all these questions, you will certainly get answers when you come to our play!

We will go to the glorious and dangerous Limpopo River together with the curious Elephant. Why dangerous? Because the Crocodile dwells there! The elephant will be naive and small, and the world around is incomprehensible and big. So do not be surprised when an inquisitive, like all kids, a baby elephant will once thrust his little trunk into where it should not be.

What will end such an act for a nice and funny "why?" Do not be afraid, everything will not be so bad already. And how exactly - let it remain so far our big African secret. We will only tell that in the play dolls of unusual beauty and size play, many dances and music. The author - G. Vladychina, the director - M. Uritsky, the artist-director - N. Danko.

See you in Africa, dear kids!

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