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The creators of the play "Emerald City" invite young listeners to travel to the Magical Country of classical opera. Heroes of the production - Ellie, Totoshka, Scarecrow, Iron Harvester, Leo and others - introduce children to the works of famous composers.

The story of a girl who fell into a magical country came up with an American writer Frank Baum. His fairy tale, which so loved children, is called "Wizard of the Oz Country". Once she was on the shelf of a bookcase in a Moscow apartment. Two boys - Romuald and Vivian - often peered into the office of their father in search of new interesting books. They really wanted to read the story of the magician from Oz, but they could not - she was written in English.

Then their father Alexander Volkov decided to translate this wonderful story. But under his pen girl Dorothy gradually turned into Ellie, and the country Oz - in the Magic country. So a new fairy tale "The Wizard of the Emerald City" was born.

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