Funny Academy

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Why should you go to the play "Funny Academy"?

1. Once again, make sure that without a joke and a smile in our life, a dress.
2. Draw a parallel between the Japanese and Ukrainian sense of humor.
3. Enjoy a pleasant evening in the company of excellent actors "Theater on the Tea".

In the "Theater on the Tea" put "Funny Academy." Come! The performance will not leave anyone indifferent.

The production is based on the plot of a play by Japanese playwright Koki Mitani. The play pushes the viewer to one important thought: life is colorful and full when there is room for smiles and humor. And without them life is impossible.

The plot is twisted against the backdrop of the relationship of the Japanese playwright and censor. The first intends to put a new play of entertainment, for which he needs the good of the censor. But not everything goes so smoothly. Censor, not having a healthy sense of humor, strongly opposes and does not even consider the idea of the existence of a comedy theater.

But each time, forcing the playwright to make changes to the play, the bearer of the shaky views turns out to be involved in the events of the art world. This creative process eventually changes his very life ... Roles perform: Oleg Simonenko, Sergei Denga. Duration: 110 minutes. Waiting for you!

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