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Why go to a SMEX concert?

1. One of the first to hear the band's new album.
2. There will be super-cool warm-up.
3. Poot for a real punk.

SMEX released a new album, and it is rightly considered the import substitution in the domestic music industry. The band with every album proves their dedication to style, courage in statements and skill in performance.

The new album will not be an exception, but rather a continuation of the history of the quartet of 4-X letters. 12 versatile fighters will not allow you to press a pause, and after repeated listening, chorus of new songs will continue to sound in your minds for a long time!

Only SMEX can so elegantly, stylishly and cheerfully deliver to the listener the truly truthful truths of sinful existence, love and existence in this world.

The society will have to accept, get used to and sing along with such rampant Import substitution from the punk rock of All Russia, which is SMEX!

Become a part of the story, listen to SMEX!

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