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Funny money

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Why it is worth going to the play Funny money?

1. See the production of the comedy by the famous English playwright Ray Cooney, all of whom are talking about
2. Try on the role of "lucky", who found a lot of money
3. Evaluate the comedy with the elements of the detective

What would you do if you suddenly found a million? Money or everyday life, sweet life or family and friendship. What will Ray Kuni, the hero of the crime comedy "The Reading Failure", choose and how to dispose of such a gift of fate?

The production of the honored artist of Ukraine Andrey Bakirov to the edge is filled with funny situations, a cascade of events that are constantly changing, and an acute plot with elements of a detective genre. You are waited by continuous infinite stream of tricks, gags and jokes!

Production, artistic and musical design - Honored Artist of Ukraine Andrey Bakirov
Lighting Designer - Vyacheslav Vasilenko
Sound engineer - Anatoly Dubrovin
Sound engineer - Dmitry Dzivaga
Assistant director - Lydia Yelkina
Assistant director - Anna Soroka

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