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"Troubles" - a new play by Vlad Troitsky, a historical and psychological tragedy based on the play of a brilliant playwright and theater philosopher KLIMa.

A large-scale theatrical picture in three acts - a dense sensual immersion during the Time of Troubles. It puts at the beginning, makes it possible to live from the inside the origin of the period, which was then distinguished by natural disasters, severe political, economic, social and state crises.

The play was based on the events of the Time of Troubles - the period of the history of the Moscow kingdom from 1604 to 1613, which began with the appearance of False Dmitry I - the impostor, whose origin and appearance on the historical stage are still mysterious for historians. He, pretending to be the son of Ivan the Terrible, who miraculously escaped the assassination attempt prepared by the regent Boris Godunov, appeared on the Polish-Russian border with an army of Don Cossacks and Polish volunteers.

The arrival of False Dmitry took place five hundred years ago, but power, choice and death are always modern. And when you start to absorb how you came to this then, you understand that “Troubles” is a powerful experience of destruction, a unique vaccine. Because when you lived in a theater, you will go around in life.

Death is very modern. Any choice, the courage to make a choice - is also very modern. Modern is about life. To talk about modernity, one must understand the value of life. To understand is to find a balance between death and life.

Director, director, set designer - Vlad Troitsky
Playwright - KLIM
Music - Vlad Troitsky, Vladimir Rudenko, Alexander Martynenko, Sofia Baskakova, Marusya Ionova, Nadezhda Golubtsova
Lighting Designer - Astghik Grigoryan
Actors - Andrey Palatny, Alexander Martynenko, Alexandra Indik, Nadezhda Golubtsova, Igor Dymov, Semyon Sour, Marusya Ionova, Vladimir Rudenko, Sofia Baskakova, Vera Klimkovetskaya, Vladimir Lutikov, Vlad Gogol

Beginning at 19:00, please be in advance, the doors of the theater open from 18:30.
After the start, we stop the entrance before the intermission.

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