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"Smoot" - a historical and psychological tragedy from Vlad Trinity based on the play by the brilliant playwright and theatrical philosopher KLIMa.

To comprehend the present, it is worth thinking about things that are always there. For example, death is very modern. Any choice, the courage to take the choice is also very modern. Modern is about life. To talk about modernity - you need to understand the value of life. To understand is to find a balance between death and life.

“Troubles” is about death and choice, and death as choice.

The basis of the performance was the events of the Time of Troubles - the period of the history of the Moscow kingdom from 1604 to 1613, which began with the performance of False Dmitry I - an impostor, whose origin and appearance on the historical arena is still mysterious for historians. He, pretending to be the son of Ivan the Terrible, who miraculously escaped the assassination attempt, prepared by the regent Boris Godunov, appeared on the Polish-Russian border with the army of Don Cossacks and Polish volunteers.

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