New Year's musical "The Snow Queen". The power of a hot heart

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Why go to the New Year musical "The Snow Queen"?

1. This New Year's gift from the creators of hit performances - musicals “Noooo, Hare, wait and i-and !!!”, “Puss in Boots”, “New New Year Adventures of Red Riding Hood”, “Rapunzel. New Year's magic.
2. The performance that won the audience in Germany and other European countries!
3. For true connoisseurs of good children's ideas, the trail from which will forever remain in the soul of every child!

As part of the tour, Vienna, Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Bremen, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Würzburg, Heilbronn, Neu-Ulm, Limburg, Bünde, Kiev M & S Entertainment UG Germany and the Theater of Adventure and Fiction "The Stuntman" present the New Year Magic musical "The Snow Queen. The power of a hot heart

The premiere of the musical was held on December 3, 2017 in the capital of Austria in Vienna, as part of a European tour, which took place in 16 cities of Germany and Austria.

We invite you to visit a fantastic, amazing New Year's performance, which everyone will like. Here, girls and boys are waiting for interesting games, fun contests, songs and dances. And, of course, what a holiday without the long-awaited guests - Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, who will certainly light up the New Year tree, will start a friendly round dance, smoothly turning into a real fabulous disco.

And after the fun competition program of young viewers waiting for a great kind play "The Snow Queen. The power of a hot heart "based on the fairy tale G.H. Andersen. A beautiful story about a good heart, melted ice, which simply can not leave anyone indifferent from the audience. Add to this the wonderful music, spectacular scenery, exquisite costumes, sparkling humor, virtuoso acting, many acrobatic tricks and professional choreography, and you will understand that you must be with the children to become guests of our show! In addition, the performance is saturated with interactive elements, which means that boys and girls will take an active part in saving little Kai.

The plot of the fairy tale is known to everyone since childhood: the cold and evil Snow Queen kidnapped Kai, turning his heart into an ice-drop. But the faithful and faithful sister of the boy, Gerd, having overcome all difficulties and misfortunes, was able to melt him with the help of her love. On the road to Gerd there are many characters - a married couple of ravens Karl and Clara, Prince and Princess, forest robbers and their leader Little Rogue, Deer of the North. Thanks to the spiritual beauty of the girl, they all become her sincere friends and help to walk the difficult path to the palace of the Snow Queen. Our performance is suitable for children of all age categories: and those who first meet the fairy tale and those who know it and appreciate the new stage reading.

After the performance, every child is completely free to be able to take a picture with Santa Claus, the Snow Maiden and the beloved fairy tale characters.

Produced by: Igor Misliviy, Elias Soroush (Germany)
Director, Scriptwriter, Songwriter - Vlada Kokhanovskaya
Choreography: Stanislav Volotovsky
Lighting Designer - Michael Li Tschan Lin (FRG)
Director of stunt and stage battles - Igor Mysyly

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