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The Snow Queen. Tales with the Orchestra

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Why is it worth going to the performance "The Snow Queen: Tales with the Orchestra"?

1. The ability to teach a child to see and hear beauty through fairy tales
2. Amazing combination of bright water animation and sand show with the works of Edward Grieg, Jan Sibelius, Kurt Atterberg and others.
3. Your child will definitely enjoy watching the fairy tale come true.

The most important Snow Queen of the country - Olga Sumskaya will delight the little spectators and their parents by reading the fairy-tale winter fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen. History, which has grown more than one generation.

In the performance of the National Ensemble "Kyiv Camerata", the sounds of classic works by the great Edward Grieg, Jan Sibelius and Kurt Atterberg will be wrapped in New Year's magic. An artistic addition to the musical and literary performance will be a colorful water animation performed by Angelina Golden and a bewitching sand show performed by Andrei Pesochny! For the first time on the big stage, these two arts will merge on one tap!

The unique technique of Ebru is the ancient art of painting on water. Mosaic of dancing colors is a world of children's fantasies, embodied in reality. Drawings of sand will add clear silhouettes and dynamics. A bright palette of colors and bewitching water-sand patterns will turn into fairy-tale heroes. In front of the audience, real musical pictures in the Creativity with water and sand will come alive!

The fairy tale of a miracle, devotion and kindness will present an atmosphere of Christmas peace not only to children, but also to adults. We are waiting for the whole family to move you to the world of music and water-fairy-tale world of good and magic! Fairy tale for children from 6 years. The presentation takes place in Ukrainian.

Reads - Olga Sumskaya
Conductor - Oleg Marinchenko
Water painting - Angelina Zolotaya
Sand show - Andrey Pesochny
Producer - Novokhatko Elena

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