Snow goes to town

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Why should you go to the play "Snow Goes to town"?

1. A warm story that warms the soul.
2. Interesting scenery and acting incarnation.
3. This tale of kindness will surely fall into the number of loved ones.

Want to see a magical story about snow? About soft blue, soft and kind forest snow. This production is both a fairy tale and a truth. How so? Yes, everything is simple: the truth is because trees, and animals, and birds, and snow - everything can really talk around. It's clear to everyone! What then is a fairy tale, you ask? And in fact, they can only be heard in a fairy tale. And only at night. And for this you will have to listen very carefully.

The play is based on the play by Vitaly Kino (based on the story “Snow Goes to Town” by the wonderful storyteller Tatiana Makarova). The actors of the theater "Ladybird" were able to convey a special gaiety and kindness of this work. Not done, of course, without instructive overtones.

Duration - 70 minutes (without intermission).
For children from 5 to 12 years old (each viewer must have a separate ticket).
"Snow Goes to Town" is in Russian.

We are waiting for you on this bright performance!

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