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Why should you go to the play "The Dog"?

1. Non-criminal plot.
2. Dynamic setting with a lot of surprises.
3. Ending, which you did not expect!

What is a modern young girl ready to keep her beloved? Where does the trait of her dignity pass, which she will by no means cross? And, in general, do I need to change to please a person who does not even love her?

The heroine of the play "The Dog" is ready literally for anything to get the object of its sighs. When all the "legal" ways to fall in love with the coveted man end, simple interest turns into a real obsession.

She is ready to become anyone or anything, even a pet dog! The girl achieved her goal. But is it the limit of dreams to live as a pet under one roof with the wife of a lover?

The original, rich and very sexy performance of Elena Nevolko based on the work of Alexander Volos is based on real events. Roles performed: L. Peresunko, D. Poleshchuk, A. Nevolko.

The duration of the play "The Dog" - 2 hours 30 minutes with one intermission. There are age restrictions of 21+!

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