Dog in the manger

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Unexpected format of a classic work! We invite you to the performance "The Dog in the Manger" performed by the actors of the Kiev Classic Art Alternative Theater.

The staging of "The Dog in the Manger" is a real sensation in the creative life of the Khat! You will see a magnificent lyrical comedy in a spectacular Spanish style. Enchanting spectacle will turn into a bright holiday, in which there will be stunts with fencing, energetic dances to the sounds of emotional Spanish guitar and unexpected reincarnations. Such a plot creators of the production once again emphasize the meaning of the famous quote: "neither in the greatness of pleasure, but in the fact that the Soul can realize its Hope."

In the repertoire of the theater KHAT "Dog in the Manger" Lope de Vega - the most difficult setting. The premiere of the performance received a lot of positive reviews of the Ukrainian and foreign press. The version of the creative team of KHAT is deeper and more meaningful, in comparison with the plot of the eponymous film.

The rhythm of the events of the play is simply frantic. Thanks to this, viewers are constantly in the most controversial states, moving from laughter to tears and vice versa.
A similar effect from viewing the classics can be appealed only by the well-coordinated work of the directors and actors of the KHAT. The European level of productions attracts attention not only from domestic but also from foreign viewers and critics. And if you are ready to touch the high art, get unforgettable emotions, - always come to the play!

See you!

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