Dog in the hay

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Why should you go to the play "The Dog in the Hay"?

1. Classic will appear in a new unexpected light.
2. You will see the most difficult staging in KHAT's repertoire.
3. The dynamic plot and the European level of the performance will conquer the most demanding theatergoers.

Do not miss the unique opportunity and appreciate the unusual formulation of a classic masterpiece! We invite you to the play "Dog in the hay." On stage - the actors of the Classic Art Alternative Theater.

For the KHAT team "Dog in the hay" was a creative sensation and the most difficult staging in the repertoire. The viewer is offered a real comedy extravaganza in a bright Spanish style. Noisy celebration, spectacular sword tricks, the sound of passionate Spanish guitars and hot dances.

The stunning plot underlines the significance of the well-known statement: “pleasure is not in greatness, but that the Soul can fulfill its Hope”.

The performance of the theater in the premiere show, endowed with deep meaning, has received a lot of positive reviews both in Ukraine and abroad. The spectator is captivated by the frantic rhythm of the performance, which gives the most contradictory impressions. It becomes immediately clear: this is a high European level, which brings the viewer closer to the highest and the present.

Waiting for you!