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Treasures of Captain Hook

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An exciting continuation of the story of Peter Pen!
The legendary pirate musical "The Treasures of Captain Hook" - in the New Year's cycle of the performances of the Yessin Theater.

From the incredible adventures of Peter Pan and his faithful team on the island of Unfulfilled five years have passed. Since then, Peter Pen did not make itself felt, Wendy grew up and already almost lost the hope to ever see Peter again.

And then one day a stranger appears in the attic of her house. If this is a thief, then how does he know about the pollen of the fairy Dinh-Dinh, and if - Peter, then why did he grow up, because the children in the country are never Left to be a Child forever?

In addition to finding an answer to this question, Wendy still faces many mysteries: how to save the fairy Ding-Din from the captivity , where the treasures of Captain Hook are hidden, how to die all the Indians and what exactly Hook 's mother left to her bloodthirsty pirate. To help Wendy will come old friend - wise and clever Tiger Lily.

Performance in the Ukrainian language.
Duration - 1 hour 30 minutes. Without intermission.
Audience: 8+.

Attention! GIFTS are sold separately. They can be purchased from the operators of electronic cash registers (coupon for a gift) or directly on the spot. The cost of the gift (metal designer box with sweets) - 100 UAH.

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