Alice Sleep

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Philosophical and ironic parable of KLIM. Director - Vlad Troitsky.

Each of us has a place inside, like an inner attic, a forgotten old suitcase, where dust and oblivion - it is high time to disassemble, throw, burn or fold, melt, etc., but we bravely turn away from this to anyone of the invisible inner rubbish, because he seems to be not hindering anyone, and we almost forgot about him... but he invisibly influences all events of our life, uncontrollably, unknown, incomprehensible to ourselves, to our choice, our deeds, our love...

What happens if you part with this attic? Let him go, understand, understand and find his place? What will we feel? What will change?... Can we become freer, we can understand ourselves, can learn to love?... And our love from infinite suffering will finally turn into true joy...

She was haunted by a dream
the staircase of Abraham to the heavens
the old fire escape of Abraham
stairway to heaven
every night she went uphill dragging her behind
a huge suitcase to go to heaven
with some incomprehensible frenzy
of the last strength but once
up there she saw a man
he flew to meet her and smiled
and flying by he grabbed a suitcase from her hand
in her sleep she felt sorry for the suitcase
when she told about it she laughed...

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