New Year's children's full-dome show "Space Christmas - Space Christmas"

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1. Become a member of a fantastic New Year story about the adventures of a brave boy from the future and his cosmic friends.
2. Enjoy a combination of a fascinating interactive show on the stage with unique 360 ° projections on the country's largest dome, LED shows and modern special effects.
3. Have fun on an entertainment program, a festive disco and a professional photo shoot with space heroes.

The creative project of the ARTSpace family of the Kiev Planetarium invites you to the New Year's children's full-domed show "Space Christmas - Space Christmas".
The theatrical program is built on games and dialogues with the audience, which will undoubtedly win children's and adult hearts!

The action takes place in the future. The main character, being on a Christmas holiday, accidentally receives an SOS signal from Santa Claus's New Year station, which means that the celebration of Christmas is threatened. The boy goes to help, traveling among unusual planets with incredible adventures.
Space friends come to the rescue - robot Steve from the Planet of the Robots, intergalactic cosmodiv superstar from the Star Planet and the famous space DJ Zerkalios from the Mirrored Planet. But only thanks to our little viewers can save the gifts and return Christmas.

Enchanting New Year's adventures will begin in the interstellar space of the Planetarium - the lobby, where you can meet the characters. And after the full-domed show in the Star Hall, wonders will not end: you will find an entertainment program, contests, games, a festive space disco and a memorable photo session at the unique Space Christmas tree.

The duration of the New Year's show program is 1 h.30 min.

Visit the New Year show in Kiev Planetarium! We will give you an incredible experience and vivid emotions for the whole year!

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