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Life is unpredictable - now you are sitting behind papers, making plans for the future, and a moment later ...

A letter comes from my aunt “Come. I'm dying".

You rush to her - to say goodbye and wait for the inheritance, spitting on the prohibitions of the chief.

You open the door and you find yourself in the house where time has stopped, and each of yours today is waiting for tomorrow.

“The global busy world dictates tough rules to humanity, depriving us of the most necessary feelings, thereby leaving traumas that we sometimes do not realize. But instead of trying to rectify the situation, we get used to living in a constant claim to others, thereby closing this circle. We need care, love, attention, without trying to give them in return. And sometimes we unexpectedly get it from those from whom we were not expected at all. This is what Panich is talking about, in my opinion. And this is read in almost all of his works. The world needs love. His philosophy is very impressed. At first he liked another of his plays, but the chamber space of the stage led to the choice in favor of a certain one, in which the place of action and the number of performers were quite favorable for him, ”- the director about the play.

  • Director Yevgeny Merzlyakov is the winner of the British Council's “Taking the Stage” competition for the play “Lungs”.
  • The language of the performance is Ukrainian
  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Genre - Monologue for two
  • Author - Maurice Panich
  • Stage Director - Evgeny Merzlyakov
  • Production and Costume Designer - Kristina Radionova
  • Musical arrangement - Timur Polyansky
  • Lighting Designer - Sergei Nevgadovsky
  • Sound engineer - Sergey Shevchenko
  • Video - Sergey Titenko, Alexander Bratinov
  • Director's assistants - Alena Gontar, Sofia Lyudvichenko

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