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Why should I go to the Stand Up Club?

1. Get excellent relaxation in the company of talented humorist
2. Hear intelligent humor in a new format
3. Find in comedians jokes yourself and your acquaintances

We offer a new format of intellectual rest - Stand Up Club.

We have collected the best comedians of the country in order to organize for you an evening not just humor, but jokes based on real events. The personal experiences of comedians, funny life situations and just an intelligent sense of humor will unite in one concert.

Residents of our Stand Up Club:

Andriy Kolmachevsky - witty intellectual, champion of the First Championship of Humor "League of Smile", participant of the "Launching comedian" projects, "Comedy Battal", "Open microphone on TNT";

Maxim Konoval - uncompromising Belarusian, winner of the show "Launch comic" and the winner of the first season "StanDap-show on the New Channel";

Bekir Mamedov - Crimean Tatar and Kiev romantic, winner of the show "Launch the comedian", author of Studio 95;

Nikolai Zyryanov - one of the best standers of the Dnieper, in every courtyard he is considered the main representative of this genre. Winner of "Launch the comedian" and participant of "Open microphone on TNT";

Pavlo Evchuk - the first Ukrainian speaking stander. Champion of the first season of the League of Laugh, Laureate comedian winner, screenwriter of television projects.

Well, you will be guests in the hall! See you!

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