Stand up Bench. The Universe 25

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Why it is worth going to Stand up Bench. The Universe 25?

1. It's funny
2. It's vital
3. This is the only place where you forget about all your problems

Friends, our standup movement has its own #Bench, which we are going to talk about sore. Undoubtedly in the genre Stand Up.

This time on "Bench" will meet already known to you personalities:

- Anton Tymoshenko - raises in his standups acute social issues, tries to find in them some sense, looking for answers to the folly of society, to justify their own;
- Andrey Shchegel - the most underground stand-comic of our country. It kills the truth of the uterus, not worrying about the consequences. True stand up comedian;
- Arthur Petrov - a loving father, and joking dad. Sometimes it seems that Arthur created a family, for the sake of ridiculous material. As he says himself, children, wife, mother-in-law, a dog, etc. - a well for humor.

This time it will be about the "Universe 25". Undoubtedly in the genre stand up. Everything, not a word more.

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