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Why should you go to Stand up Bench. To be in time to 30?

1. A bold comedy on topical issues
2. Humor based only on real events
3. This is a completely new format for the genre of stand-up-comedy

What is Stand up Bench? This is, in a way, a theatrical production, only in the genre Stand up. What does it mean? There is no fourth wall. This is a conversation between three stand-up comedians with each other and with the audience.

In fact, Stand up Bench does not differ from other benches on which people gather. The only difference is that our bench is in the theater, and the conversation is conducted by very funny people.

This time it will be:

- Nikita Shevchuk - one of the best improvisers of the country. A man who wakes up every day at 5am to live on the radio show "Happy Ranok" on Heath Fm to amuse people standing in a traffic jam;

- Nastya Derskaya is not the only, but certainly the best comic girl of our country; a woman without censorship and a stopcock. After her revelations, women begin to applaud louder, and men smoke more. Or vice versa. Depends on her mood;

- Denis Duma is one of the most outspoken stand-comic comedians, a personal psychologist of himself. If there was a festival of "Irony", this guy would have won it, without any doubt. But while there is no such festival, Denis boldly takes the nominations for stand-up festivals.

Friends, you will like it too.

Our bench is located in the cinema "Lira" at the address: st. Greater Zhitomir, 40.

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