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First Ukrainian-language Stand-up Comedy

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The first Ukrainian-language stand-up comedy is the fresh breath of the Ukrainian stand-up comedy in their native language, in which everyone recognizes himself!

Standup is a bold and frank humor about us and what is happening around. At the concert, each spectator becomes part of the stand-up comedy. Comedians sincerely share their thoughts and emotions that will not leave anyone indifferent!

The First Ukrainian-language Stand-up Comedy - A NEW PROGRAM!

  • IVAN ZHORNOKLEY - Kiev resident with ambitions. A young family man who is over thirty.
  • SERGEY STEPANYSKO - master of Ukrainian literature and women. Philologist, works in IT.
  • VLADIMIR EVCHUK - one and a half meter comedian. He married in order to carry clothes after his children.
  • SVYATOSLAV MARCHENKO is a lonely vegetarian. Collects rented apartments and cities.
  • MAXIM KRAVETS is a family expert. A man who has been married for six months and ten years.

We are waiting for you at the First Ukrainian-speaking Standup Comedy from Ivan Zhornokley, Maxim Kravets, Svyatoslav Marchenko, Vladimir Yevchuk and Sergey Stepanysk!
After the concert - Festive Disco:

  • Communication with comedians;
  • Special menu on the bar;
  • Dancing.

  • The duration of the program is 90 minutes. The show program is presented in Ukrainian. Recommended for people over 18 years old.

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